Real body fashion figure templates – Bella, Leila, Doudoulolita and Alina

13 new full-size templates to trace and dress, with real body models

Right-click on the image, save it on your computer and print it on a normal sheet of paper. Trace the template with a pencil on a new white sheet of paper and then create your own fashion design

Many thanks to Bella, Leila, Doudoulolita and Alina !


















Help us show the diversity of body sizes that exist in real life, support the Every body is a model body campaign !!


2 thoughts on “Real body fashion figure templates – Bella, Leila, Doudoulolita and Alina

  1. Mazz

    Thank you for doing this – I’ve been searching for templates to sketch out costume ideas for myself for over an hour now, and these are the first that I – not being a stretched out Barbie doll – can use! There’s not much point in my using the outline of a 6′ size 4 model when I’m a 5’7″ size 14, as it won’t look anything like me. Thank you again!

  2. Colette

    Hello Mazz! You are very welcome. We’re glad these models are making their way into the hands of people who can use them! If you’d like, we invite you to send some of your designs once you’re happy with them, to share with all the other 5’7″ size 14 beauties out there! Thank you.


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