Darling, Rosa, and Thémi, 17 new full-size templates to trace and dress

More new model templates to trace – with a huge thank you to all our underwear photo shoot participants!

The Every Body is a Model Body campaign aims to exclude no one. We are not trying to alienate girls or women who choose to model, either for fun or to earn their living by calling those who participate in our campaign “real” bodies. Everyone’s body is a real body… even if it does respond to the fashion industry’s harmful, outdated norms. Things are changing quickly these days through the efforts of many, many people across the globe. If you want to help, please share this initiative with your friends and get involved by sending underwear silhouettes of your own!

We wish to increase the diversity of the templates we have offered so far – and extra-small, small and medium-sized models are as needed and as warmly invited as large, extra-large and absolutely voluptious ones! The goal is to be all-inclusive, so that slowly, together, we can inch towards a new, shared perception of the body and a body-image vocabulary that points out the beauty in everyone.

New real body fashion figure templates

Many thanks to Darling from Canada, Rosa from Chile and Thémi from France!

Right-click on the image, save it on your computer and print it on a normal sheet of paper. Trace the template with a pencil on a new white sheet of paper and then create your own fashion design



















Help us show the diversity of body sizes that exist in real life, support the Every body is a model body campaign !!

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