6 new real body models, 33 fashion figure templates

33 new full-size templates to trace and dress, with real body models

Right-click on the image, save it on your computer and print it on a normal sheet of paper. Trace the template with a pencil on a new white sheet of paper and then create your own fashion design

Many thanks to our “real body” models: Rommy, Carolyn, Valentina, Cathy, Teresa and Kami.


























































In response to your questions:

Are you going to publish more models to trace soon with atypical body types?

That depends on you! Tracing real body models is an initiative based entirely on participation. We make new models available as soon as we receive new photos (your photos…) from which we can create new silhouettes to dress for fashion design. If you want to help us, the best thing you can do is organize photo sessions with volunteers of a variety of ages and proportions, and encourage people who are not always comfortable in their bodies to participate! It’s fun to do, and we always feel better after facing our fears. And it’s for a good cause: helping the fashion industry to develop beyond the tyranny of the restrictive model-type that makes so many women feel excluded and inadequate.

When are you going to publish some fashion drawings that were made using the models on the site?

Soon. We’re waiting to have enough to put together a gallery page. Up until now, we have received creations from three different fashion designers.

Who are the people who have accepted to lend images of their bodies to create the silhouettes to trace inspired from realistic proportions?

Up until now, the volunteers who have sent us photographs to draw from come from three continents; Europe, North America and South America. The majority of the people who have participed are dressmakers themselves and have been using the models we drew from their images to sketch their own clothing.  

13 thoughts on “6 new real body models, 33 fashion figure templates

  1. CJ Mars

    THESE ARE FANTASTIC!!! I love what you’ve got going here, and it’s such a wonderful resource!! I’ve been a long time lover of fashion and fashion sketching. I’m a chunky chick, and alas, the fashion world is cruel to us!! I would love to start my own clothing line for larger lovelies, and these croquis are just perfect for getting my sketching mojo going!! Love, love, love what this is all about- and perhaps, if I get up enough courage, I’ll contribute my silhouette to the cause ❤

    1. tracingrealbodymodels Post author

      Hi CJ! Thank you for your enthusiasm! And yes, please do consider contributing your silhouette, not only will you be able to draw from them yourself (custom designs!!) but it is always helpful for others to find silhouettes that resemble themselves even slightly online – although we are all truly unique, some forms are simply non-existent in the fashion world, and we want to contribute to changing that, one shapely body at a time!

      If you have friends who may be open to the cause, we’ve found the best way to go about the photos is with a friend or two – it’s usually a funny yet heartwarming experience that makes us feel closer to each other and less judgmental of what our minds may tend to exaggerate internally. Thanks again for the feedback – it helps us keep it going!

      🙂 Colette
      for the Tracing Real Body Models team

  2. Angela

    I have just started dressmaking again after many years away from it. I used to make all my own patterns and I was very slim with a 22″ waist. The patterns no longer fit at all and I cannot draw my own models and I was disheartened by the impossibly slim models but these are wonderful. There are two that I think fit me and I am looking forward to starting sketching some lovely dancing clothes and making them up in some pretty fabrics. Thank you so much.

  3. Amanda Dura

    I love this site, I am a costume designer and it is nice to have real body shapes. Now I would just like to see some men too.

    1. Jennifer Matthews

      Can I second the need for men? I too am a costume designer. I just found this site and I cannot wait to share it with my students.

  4. Rita

    Thank you so much! Off-the-rack clothing for real women is foul. It is designed to make women look like Ronald Macdonald buses tricked out for Mardi Gras. I design and sew my own clothes for this reason and these are a great addition to the templates I have made myself.

  5. Aurelia

    Thank you, I’ve spent hours looking for body figures that don’t look like aliens and are not in hyper-sexualized poses. These are perfect!

  6. Denise

    My daughters, ages 9 and 13, are learning to sew and beginning to take an interest in fashion design. I went looking for templates they could use to do some sketches but everything I found had the typical completely unrealistic proportions. There is NO WAY I was going to promote an impossible ideal with my daughters, especially at their young and impressionable age! Thankfully I kept looking and I found your site. These templates are wonderful. They look like the people we know and see every day. They aren’t far off from what my daughters look like, or may look like in a few years. It is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for taking on this project!

    1. tracingrealbodymodels Post author

      Hello Denise!

      Thank you for your encouraging comment! We continue to need models to add to the collection of templates, so if you, your daughters, or anyone else you know is willing to send in photos, we will be happy to add sihouette drawings of you to the site.

      We have received quite a few requests for men, as well, so we are slowly starting to prepare templates for them with the participation we’ve managed to drum up. It’s a long slow process, changing the way the world sees the body, but it is definitely happening, all over the place, and we’re doing our best to help!


      for the Tracing Real Body Models team

  7. Fat Lady

    These are good – in fact, they’re excellent – but I’d love to see women at different stages of life, too. After all, we wear clothes not just when we’re young, but when we’re menopausal and when we’re elderly, too,

    Our body proportions and shape change inexorably as we age, and getting nice clothing which fits becomes even more problematic. We’re not all willing to descend to the level of white acrylic cardies and sturdy beige sandals when we reach our dotage – I’m certainly not, for one! – so I suppose I’ll resort to cavorting around in my underwear (aka ‘scaffolding’) in front of the camera set on the self-timer, and trace around myself … oh joy, if my old eyes can stand the tracing, But what if my partner comes home early from the allotment? He might think it’s his lucky day – or feel very afraid … I’m not sure which one would be for the best!


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