Sue, Phoenix, Lali and Kinou, 24 new full-size templates for your fashion drawings

It’s been quite a while since we published the latest models to trace, and we are happy to be back with 24 new silhouettes thanks to the generous participation of Sue, Phoenix, Lali and Kinou. A huge thank you… it’s because of your contributions that fashion design is being enriched by greater body diversity!

You can contribute too! Take advantage of the end of summer to take a few bikini photos with your friends of different ages and proportions. Read the advice on taking photos on our website. Help a large number women to accept their bodies just the way the are and to feel confident about the way they dress no matter what their proportions!

By sending us photos of several people at the same time, you cut down on the waiting time. We wait until we have at lest 5 batches of photos before creating a new series of templates to trace (the silhouettes are produced by volunteer professional artists, so we must also be patient about their availability).


More than 58 000 people, from 112 different countries have visited our site (in French and in English) last year. During the first six months of 2015, already more than 38 000 people were inspired by our “real body” models to trace. If we count the number of people who have subcribed to both sites, you are more than 700 waiting patiently for new silhouettes to be published.

Your measurements

Many of you have asked if we could publish the model’s measurements along with the silhouettes. If you don’t mind, please send us your height, weight and main measurements such as bust, waist, and hip. This will allow our friends who use the models for sewing to  find the right models more easily.

What about men?

You also sent in many requests deploring the lack of male silhouettes. We are seriously thinking about these requests. We would like to create a separate site, since the dynamic is not quite the same for men as for women. To do this, we need some help. We’re looking for volunteer graphic designers willing to produce the male silhouettes to support the body diversity cause. Prerequisite: strong knowledge of anatomy (in order to be able to complete missing information or correct distortion due to perspective), an excellent understanding of fashion drawing, and the capacity to simplify and harmonize the silhouette while keeping the distinct character of the model. Send us a few examples of your drawings produced from photographs if you’re interested in joining the team!

Many thanks for your support!

The team

Right-click on the image,
save it on your computer
and print it on a normal sheet of paper.

Trace the template with a pencil on a new white sheet of paper
and then create your own fashion design


real-model-template-0001 real-model-template-0002 real-model-template-0003 real-model-template-0004 real-model-template-0005 real-model-template-0006

Phoenixreal-model-template-0007 real-model-template-0008 real-model-template-0009 real-model-template-0010 real-model-template-0011 real-model-template-0012

 Lalireal-model-template-0013 real-model-template-0014 real-model-template-0015 real-model-template-0016 real-model-template-0017 real-model-template-0018

 Kinou real-model-template-0019 real-model-template-0020 real-model-template-0021 real-model-template-0022 real-model-template-0023 real-model-template-0024

The success of this website depends on you! Tracing real body models is an initiative based entirely on participation. If you want to help us, the best thing you can do is organize photo sessions with volunteers of a variety of ages and proportions, and encourage people who are not always comfortable in their bodies to participate! It’s fun to do, and we always feel better after facing our fears. And it’s for a good cause: helping the fashion industry to develop beyond the tyranny of the restrictive model-type that makes so many women feel excluded and inadequate.

3 thoughts on “Sue, Phoenix, Lali and Kinou, 24 new full-size templates for your fashion drawings

  1. Fat Lady

    So good to see a few new templates! I often share this site on sewing forums and the like, when others ask about croquis to represent average people like themselves, family members or anyone for whom they might make clothes, or when parents/grandparents ask me about ways to further a teenager’s interest in fashion, clothing and design. Time enough to use croquis of spider-people once they are mature enough to separate fantasy from reality …


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