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17 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. sarah

    This is fantastic! I’d love to see real male templates too, instead of the triangular stretched templates that exist. Thank you

  2. Maura

    What is the cost of having you draw the personal croquis? This is spectacular…..I would love a personal template so I could really have fun playing with designs for myself.

  3. charli

    Hi thank you for doing this. I teach a costume class and i often have teenage girls in my class. I really hate giving them fashion templates. This is perfect. I also find that when they get to the stage of drawing figures for themselves I get less ugly stick monsters.

  4. Laura Volpintesta

    I am so excited to find this site, referred by a friend. I went to Fashion Design School and became a teacher at the same school for almost 20 years. Every year that passed I became more dissatisfied with the models I was taught to draw and stopped teaching that way. The minute your eyes are opened to how ridiculous and actually harmful unrealistic bodies are (and useless!), after the pain you feel a surge of love and beauty and realize: there is so much good work to be done! Now THIS is DESIGN!! Fashion, at all levels (or lovels?) should support and enhance women’s lives. From families to careers, to production, to image, comfort, and support of their lifestyles. ALL women.

  5. katkraus

    Thank you so much for these!! I am a curvy girl and sketching out on the “standard” fashion models just never worked well. I just wanted to say thank you to every model and artist!! I will be passing this site on to all my friends who sew. (Also I apologize if this is posted twice, my account is giving me issues).

  6. Gwenifaery Immortal

    THIS IS SO WONDERFUL!!! I am a costume designer and I HATE those stupid alien skinny 10 feet tall body blanks for designing over. I want – no I need – my customers to have a good understanding of what the costumes will look like on their body type for them to be confident and happy with what I am creating for them after they get it and wear it. So many times I have bought clothes from a catalog because it looks amazing on the model but when I put it on it tugs or bulges in weird places and just doesn’t look the same at all. I do not want my customers feeling that way about the custom costumes I design for them. THANK YOU SO MUCH This is what I have been searching MONTHS for!

  7. Carol Scheer

    I am so glad to have found this site. Thankyou to the originators, and for your honesty.. and most of all, thankyou to the models who have made my voluntary Costume design project so much easier !. There are a lot of ladies in this group, varying shapes and sizes, and it will be great to be able to show them how the design could look on them before the final decision is made.

  8. Ernesto Maurice Corpus

    I’m an Image Consultant and would like to see Male Real Bodies also. Hope to contribute some in future. This is an excellent site and I will recommend it to colleagues.

    1. tracingrealbodymodels Post author

      Thank you for writing and for your appreciation for our site. We are often asked about men and we plan to open a second site just for male figures. We have a small collection of photographed males but unfortunately not enough to launch the site yet.

      Your help in finding models would be very much appreciated!

      Suggestions for how to go about the photoshoot are here:

  9. cora

    Hi! This is a fantastic idea! How could I find my perfect model to my measurements? Thanks a lot!

  10. Tanya

    Hi! Why are there no realistiskt men here? I need booth sexet for my art-education! Why is there only focus on the Female body?

    From A Female art-teacher 🙂


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