Create designs

Create fashion designs for the real body models you see on this website; send them to us and we’ll publish your artwork.
By simple printing out and tracing the models, you’ll have a template that you can draw as many designs for as you wish. Find one that looks most like you or someone you know, and have fun inventing clothing that best suits that particular body shape!
If you have a body size that is not well represented in the popular stores you’d like to shop in, you are not alone. By sending us underwear photos we can trace your silhouette and if you don’t know where to start designing yourself, you may find ideas through other’s creations, or someone may even create something for your personal template that you’d really love to wear. We don’t have to be dependent on what the fashion industry has already drawn out for us, especially in cases where it is so non-representative.
Every body can be dressed in a way that is figure-flattering, but especially, comfortable!
Give it a try – tracing is not cheating – it’s copying the truth to dispel the myths that make us suffer.

17 thoughts on “Create designs

  1. Rachel

    This Is a awesome Idea. I have been looking forever of a plus size template. now I will be able to redo my dress designs for the true size girl that are suppose to wear them. Where will are artwork be posted and will the drawings be secure?

    1. tracingrealbodymodels Post author

      Hi Rachel,
      We’re so glad to hear the templates are useful to you!
      We would like to post artwork here, on this site, to show the creations people make using them. Like all online images, they will be available through Google Search to anyone who wants to see them. Our way of “securing” images is to print our website name across the image as a watermark, and to post them in low resolution so they can’t be easily reprinted
      or reused. It is nonetheless important to our cause that they circulate and be seen.
      Does this answer your question?

  2. Robyn Pitman

    these are perfect for my designs! I cater to all sizes with my clothing and these are exactly the templates I need to represent real people. Thank you so much!

    1. tracingrealbodymodels Post author

      Hello Gendermuse/Sphinxfeather,

      We would love to see and share your fashion designs!
      You can email pdf images of your designs using our models to us at
      Tell us how you want us present them – under what name or pseudonym – and we will post them.
      We will “watermark” them so that if they get around on the web, they’ll remain identified to our site.
      Anything you wish to share about your design is also welcome to encourage others to use diverse model templates to create fashion too!

      Thanks, Colette
      for the Tracing Real Body Models team

  3. Gesti di Stoffa

    Hi, I sent to you an email few days ago; I am a fashion and costume design and I would like to knw if it is possible to have customized sketches. Thanks and… great job!

  4. Sara Joanne

    These are the best! The only templates that I use. It’s so hard to design anything on most templates. These make my job as a costume designer so much easier!

  5. Kate Dicey

    I love these. As makers of bespoke Live Action Role Play kit, we often find out clients fall outside the norms of fashion drawings and standard sizes. We cannot always get photos of the clients in their undies from which to make personal croquis, so this is an invaluable resource for us.

    We also make for weddings, proms, and special occasions, for men and women, and kids. Good design drawings on a figure close to the clients is often part of what clinches the deal for us.

    We would also love to see some male croquis. Any chance? Decent ‘real blokes’, ‘Large LARPer bloke’ and ‘Bay Window Man’ are hard to find.

  6. Inez Barron

    I’m glad someone made templates like this. I, myself, am a plus size. And would like to learn to design for that category. Not every one is thin and a beanpole. That would be unhealthy. So, thanks. Now I can start designing what looks good for my type.

  7. Carla Jo Crauswell

    I’m a beginner at drawing and this is what I’ve been looking for to practice drawing the human figure. Can you make some silhouettes of real children, too?

  8. ta

    can you do a short and thin model that has a flater chest? it’s hard to find one that is like that. thank you so much for making this website

  9. Silvia Bierbaum

    My own Body template! Want!
    I have not yet understood how to get mine??
    Do you?
    Let me know please!


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