Be a “Body Model”, take and send us pictures of your figure to help us create new “Real Body” fashion figure templates to draw.

What to wear

Dress minimally so that the lines of the body can be seen as clearly as possible, ideally just underwear and a bra or a 2-piece bathing suit (bikini) in a pale colour. This allows a maximum number of reference points for illustrating the designer templates.


As much as possible, avoid underwear or bathing suits that are too tight as they may distort the silhouette of the body, and avoid dark colours that will hide the body’s natural lines and curves.


Take poses that clearly illustrate the body’s contours. Have fun, take at least a dozen photos per person, we will choose those that work the best for fashion drawings.

Technical advice


Choose a well-lit area, or use the flash on your camera.

Keep a good distance between the person you’re photographing and the camera in order to reduce visual deformities (a minimum of about 10 feet). To avoid distortion, it’s also important that the camera be held at the proper height; about half-way up the person’s body. Ideally, use a low stool, kneel, or sit on the ground to take the photos, or if you have access to a tripod you can set it up and lock it at the perfect height.

Take the photographs so that the person’s whole body can be seen from head to toe.  Doing this with friends in small groups makes it a lot easier and more fun!

If you wish to photograph yourself, put the camera on a tripod, a chair or a table that place it at the required height, half-way up the body. Use the timer or a remote to take the photo and check to see if the framing is good before taking more.

Sending photos

Send photos with sufficient resolution, if they are overly reduced or compressed, we won’t be able to use them to create silhouette-templates.

Send your photos with your info to:

Confidentiality and respect

Our commitment is to never share your photos and to protect the confidentiality of your personal information. Please mention the nickname you wish to use to identify your model-template unless you prefer to use your real name (only a first name is used).

Host an Underwear photo-shoot!

Help us show the diversity of body sizes that exist in real life!!   Organize an Underwear Photo-Shoot!   Invite women of all ages, shapes and sizes to participate in a fun statement that shows a real person.

An Underwear photo-shoot is a gathering of three or more body-conscious women in a safe environment to offer their own image by way of photographs that are used to produce illustrations of fashion design templates from real-life models. Actual photos are only seen by our artists. The process allows women to protest against size discrimination in tangible ways:

  • Supporting the production of new, diverse fashion design templates depicting a more representative variety of female silhouettes while denouncing the unnatural figures that push women to believe we must change or improve our bodies to reach an impossible ideal;
  • Joining in solidarity, vulnerability and intimacy to display the strength of an united front in our refusal to feed the misery caused by the unrealistic images we are constantly exposed to;
  • Working together towards an honest representation of female bodies in fashion so that people of all ages, weights and dimensions can be clothed in a way that makes them feel unapologetically beautiful.

By daring to strip down to your undergotchies to play the role of the perfect model that you already are for your body size, you are making a bold statement against how the fashion industry diminishes women, causing needless inner torment by making it so difficult to accept, embrace, and enjoy our bodies just the way they are!

Each of us is already wearing our own perfect silhouette!

In exposing our contours within the safe range of vision of other women who have also learned to constantly judge their flaws and question their attractiveness, most are surprised to find they are not alone in their discomfort. Some are even more surprised to discover that others do not even see the flaws for which we judge ourselves so harshly! Together, our natural beauty tends to take precedence over the stereotypes.

Participating as a model for the campaign “EVERY BODY IS A MODEL BODYis a way to show your discontentment with how the female body has been visually represented in fashion for too long. It is a step towards liberating ourselves from a lie by creating a different vision of beauty for women today and girls growing up by tracing out new models for them.

5 thoughts on “Photo-Shoot

  1. Gaye B.

    I’ve been a “plus” size all my 70 years. The thing I learned that works is POSTURE is everything. It helps build your attitude. When you are as tall as you can be, you look good, when you look good, you feel good, and translates … to look at me!

  2. roxane

    what will be the cost for being one of ur model? and what country allowed? thank u and GOD BLESS..

    1. tracingrealbodymodels Post author

      Hello Roxane,

      There is no cost and people from all countries are invited to participate.
      It is a volunteer project; the models are not paid and the artists create the templates without being paid in order to encourage body diversity.
      People simply take the photographs at home and send them to us to be transformed into templates for fashion design.

      Kind regards,
      for the Tracing Real Body Models team


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