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Support the “Every body is a model body” campaign

Reversing the trends of negative body image, body dysmorphic disorder, yo-yo dieting, anorexia, compulsive eating, binge eating, and bulimia on women requires a major shift in the way the female body is presented in the media, but fashion is by far the worst offender.

Many young girls grow up idolizing fashion models and as many teenagers can’t wait to try designing their own fashions, but if the only references they have are near-impossible ideals, how can we expect them to learn to accept and love their own body shape and size?

The power of imagery on our psyche goes a long way, and is unfortunately largely unconscious.

The Every body is a model body campaign aims to bring body diversity to the fashion design world by tracing real body silhouettes of all shapes and sizes and offering them freely for use by design lovers and students. By inviting women of every age and physical condition to participate as models, we wish to draw the line at how much we’re willing to buy into the false illusions the fashion industry creates by constantly undermining our self-esteem.

We believe that everybody is beautiful.
We believe that every body is a model body.

6 thoughts on “Share Ads

  1. Andrew Weibel

    I am a father of a petite curvy 14 year old wanting to mod her thrift store finds. I am also an art teacher and have a background in costuming-your concept is the most helpful tool for clothing real people, and teaching about real proportions.

  2. Kristina

    I will set up a drawing real body model station in my classroom, by laminating your drawings for my students to use. Reaching 600 students.

    1. tracingrealbodymodels Post author

      Dear Kristina,

      Thank you for this! Please tell us more about you – where you teach, what age groups you’re working with, and how using the models works out for you – photos of your students using the models would be wonderful, we’d like to share them on the website to encourage others to do the same!

      Colette Coughlin
      on behalf of the Tracing Real Body Models team

  3. Nel Margerison

    Heh, I am using your real body templates in order to convey our design concept to our manufacturer and pattern cutters. Thank you so much for these wonderful works.

    Nel Margerison
    Gender Free World


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