Speak Out

Send us testimonies on how you feel in your body, and how your self-image affects your life. One of the biggest problems that continues to feed negative body image, low self-esteem and disordered eating is silence. You are not alone with these thoughts.

If the pages of fashion magazines could reveal what readers are thinking as they leaf through image after image of false perfection, or mirrors could repeat back to us what they see and hear as we focus on our flaws, we would have a much clearer idea of how much groundless suffering is really going on. As long as this continues In isolation, it will continue to reach troubling proportions.

Speaking out honestly can not only be liberating, it’s contagiously positive, and every little story can make a big difference for someone else! Together we can start small by changing our own attitudes and perceptions. Then, together, we can make enough noise against the industries that support negative self-image and make profits from our body hatred to bring about tangible changes for everyone.

3 thoughts on “Speak Out

  1. Marcia Hageman

    The same issues are faced by teenage males it would be nice for my design classes to have real men models

  2. Sandra

    I am “lucky” enough to fall more or less into society’s “ideal” body type. I am also lucky to not read magazine or watch much TV where most of the body shaming goes on. I do however sew a bit and choosing sewing templates by looking at a clothes drawn on a typically drawn fashion model is impossible, even when sewing for a very skinny person. I need to know how the clothes will look an actual people! I can’t understand how drawing clothes on stick figures like that can help people form their ideas for real clothing.
    I am so happy to see this campaign, I wish the fashion industry (and toy industry…) would start using these models instead the unrealistic ones.


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